Kenyan author and professor set to launch new TV show

Ken Walibora will launch a Sunday night 'Swahili news show' at QTV, Kenya, which will air next month.

After spending several years in the United States, Ken Walibora came back in grand style to launch a Sunday night 'Swahili news show' at QTV, Kenya.

The assistant professor of African languages and literature at the University of Wisconsin, Madison will begin his show early next month, September 2013.

NET has gathered the show will be modelled after Julie Gichuru's 'Sunday Live' on Citizen TV but will be delivered in the Kiswahili language.

Before he travelled, Walibora was a Swahili news reader at Nation Media Group (NMG) and is currently there as the Group Swahili Editor. He is also in charge of the Kiswahili newspaper, 'Taifa Leo'.

He is famous for his books 'Siku Njema' and 'Maya Waziri wa Maradhi' written in Kiswahili.